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fat grafting

Fat grafting as the name suggests is a procedure that involves removing of fat from other parts of the body and injecting it into desired areas. The fat is removed from areas of the body where it is unwanted, such as waist, thigh, hips. The fat is then cleaned and injected into areas of wrinkles or areas where augmentation is wanted.
It looks and feels natural. It can fill in hollows such as in the temples, under the eye, the sunken jawline or cheeks. It can minimize the nasolabial folds and restore youthful lips.

Who is an ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates are men and women who have

  • Wrinkles that do not respond well with botox
  • Have a desire for plumped lips
  • Want to increase youthfulness of skin
  • Contour abnormalities such as depressed scars or areas of fat loss

What happens after facial fat grafting?

Much of the injected fat will be permanent, though there is a small percentage of the injected fat that will be absorbed by the body following the procedure. The face may take a few days to achieve balance.
The swelling should subside after a week or two, and the face should reach its eventual appearance after a few weeks of healing

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